Kathleen Vrable-Bryan

Bio: Kathleen Vrable-Bryan is the District Administrator for the Mahoning Valley Soil & Water Conservation District in Youngstown, Ohio. She received a B.S. in Environmental Sciences and Chemical Engineering from Youngstown State University. 

Described as a “dynamic person who encourages students with her enthusiasm,” Vrable-Bryan engages Youngstown youth in the conservation and protection of the local watershed. She seeks out and provides educators with several innovative educational models to teach about watersheds, enabling educators to focus on participant learning before they engage students in service-learning. She brings watershed education to the public by partnering with many river related civic organizations and with the local agriculture and educational communities. Her strong belief in the power of community investment has resulted in the City’s partnerships around youth-led environment learning, with organizations like Youngstown State University's Center for Urban & Regional Studies, General Motors Lordstown Complex, Test America, Earth Force, and Youngstown City Schools.

Kathleen Speaks:
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What is one thing you wish you knew when you first started teaching this way? 


Kathleen's Recommended Resources:
PDF: Mahoning Valley Environmental Successes Presentation
A good example of a slide deck that shows the successes of an environmental program.
Image: Steam Monitoring Photo Book
Vrable-Bryan took seventh and eighth grade students from Volney Rogers Middle School on a field trip to do stream monitoring.
PDF: Community Partnerships in Youngstown, OH
Vrable-Bryan talks about community partnerships in Youngstown, OH.
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