Michele Arquette

Bio: Michele Arquette is the Education and Stewardship Director for the Clinton River Watershed Council (CRWC) in Rochester Hill, Michigan. She holds an Ecology degree from Northern Michigan University.

Arquette engages students in exploring their natural world in-depth and learning how it affects them, while promoting interdisciplinary learning through her leadership of the education programs at the CRWC. One particular program, the Stream Leaders, grew out of the Global River Environmental Education Network program and links schools with businesses to engage youth in monitoring the water quality of the Clinton River watershed. Utilizing her considerable experience and commitment to youth-led learning, Arquette develops and provides all the resources necessary for teachers, students, and mentors to successfully nurture a Stream Leaders program from inception to maturity. Students learn skills that are useful and relevant outside of school, and are encouraged to become informed, responsible citizens and life-long learners.

In the program, students get in the river and examine the chemical constituents of the river, inventory physical stream-side conditions and land uses that may affect water quality, and sample the aquatic biological communities to evaluate the health of the river. They work to identify an issue, create a strategy, and then work to solve the issue using resources and experts in their community.

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