. Chevrolet GREEN Educator Award

Dr. Terry Wilson

Bio: Dr. Terry L. Wilson is the Director of the Center for Environmental Education and Sustainability at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Through Terry's leadership, the Center encourages the collaboration of educators, scientists, and the general public. Terry has dedicated most of his career to enhancing teacher and leadership training in the area of environmental education.

Besides working with thousands of teachers in Kentucky and throughout the U.S., he has also conducted extensive international training in environmental education for educators and natural resource managers throughout North American, Asia, and Russia. Dr. Wilson has been a partner with the GM GREEN program in Bowling Green, Kentucky since 2004. In addition to working with local schools to conduct water quality investigations with the aid of GM employees, Terry also weaves high quality service-learning and the interactive Earth Force process into his pre-service teacher education courses.

Master Skills: Teacher Training, Partner Networking

Terry Speaks:
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Can you describe some of the work that your center does with WKU?

What is a favorite success story in working with youth on an environmental project?

Do you have an 'aha' moment that sparked your interest in environmental civics education using youth driven active learning projects?

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