Jamie Paige

Bio: Jamie Paige is the Stormwater Management Coordinator for the City of Wentzville, Mo., and specializes in stormwater pollution prevention, public and media relations, and volunteer and event coordination. When approached with the opportunity to serve as a partner for the GM GREEN program eight years ago, she jumped at the chance because she saw right away the program's potential for making real and lasting community and water quality improvements in Wentzville.

In addition to supporting the sixth grade Wentzville Middle School science teachers who are incorporating the youth led environmental service learning into their class curricula, Jamie also facilitates Earth Force programming with high school students at a local charter school. She feels she can be a better supporter of the program if she's more immersed in working with students herself. Jamie is constantly innovating around the GM GREEN program and works closely with her GM counterparts to improve their program in Wentzville.

Master Skills: Engaging Partner Support, Youth Voice

Jamie Speaks:
Hear Jamie in her own words!

What investments does a community or school need to make to best support educational programs such as the ones you help deliver?

Can you describe how you became involved in environmental education teaching projects?

Who are the key local community partners that have helped you in environmental civics projects? What sort of support do they provide?

Jamie's Recommended Resources:
Website: Missouri Stream Team Database
Use Google Earth to view locality, collect information, and upload with phones.
Website: ESRI Data
Check with your city if they provide an interactive Map with GIS information.
Visit the Earth Force resource library to find even more environmental learning resources.