Bev Balash

Bio: Bev Balash is the Science Department Team Leader and a teacher at Bluffton-Harrison Middle School in Bluffton, Indiana. Bev Balash has incorporated youth voice and youth-led projects into her 8th grade classes for nearly a decade to study the local branch of the Wabash River.

As a result of this work, she has earned the Banks of the Wabash River Award presented by the Wabash River Heritage Corridor Commission.

Her students' work has worked to change misconceptions of the health of the Wabash River and has promoted an interest in scientific inquiry in both her students and the local community. Her partnership with Hoosier Riverwatch has resulted in an excellent longitudinal record of the heath of the Wabash River.

Bev on the Web: Riverwatch efforts of Bluffton Middle School students help change perceptions of Wabash

Master Skills: Engaging Partner Support, Youth Voice

Bev Speaks:
Hear Bev in her own words!

What educational methods do you see as the most beneficial for engaging youth in environmental learning?

How do you incorporate 'youth voice' into the educational experience?

Who are the key local community partners that have helped you in environmental civics projects? What sort of support do they provide?

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Hint: Check your state's Department of Natural Resources.
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